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Association Pentatonik

Since it's foundation in 2008. Pentatonik has successfully organized and completed several cultural and educational events,​ including concerts, exhibitions and publishing projects.

Our mission is to participate in activities and projects that support informal learning with emphasis on utilizing modern media and information technology.

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Super Škola


Guitar Art Expo

We are especially proud of the Guitar Art Expo events that we organized in 201​0​. and 2011. in collaboration with the Guitar Art Festival. The events hosted renowned guitar players from Serbia and abroad. We are particularly pleased with the educational segments of the events which gave an opportunity to young guitar players to gain valuable knowledge and experience through specialized workshops and competitions.

Poster Yu Rock history

Our first publishing project ​wa​s the poster "Ex Yu Rock History" which resulted from a cooperation with Mr Petar Janjatović, one of the most reputable rock journalists from the region. The poster ​was included in the Živeo život exhibition.

Educational projects

The mission and vision of Pentatonik is based on our desire to participate in educational projects, mainly designed for elementary and preschool children. ​Our partner in these projects is Formatura d.o.o., the owner of SuperŠkola. SuperŠkola is an E-Learning platform (virtual classroom) for elementary school students and​ represents one of the pioneering services in this field in Serbia.


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